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The place for business leaders, changemakers, and intrapreneurs who want to lift the limitations on what their organization can achieve...by getting critical knowledge to where it is needed.

Cultivate a more capable business by developing and mobilizing your organization's intellectual capital - the DNA of success.

Join like-minded people who want to learn the ins and outs, nuts and bolts, dos and don'ts, pros and cons, highs and lows of cultivating organizational intelligence.

We explore the practical and theoretical aspects of developing and implementing strategies in knowledge management and organizational intelligence to push the frontiers of what our organizations are capable of. 

Whether you are a member of a large organisation or small-to-medium-sized enterprise - we've got you covered! 

Meet other people who are banging a similar drum in their businesses. People who are standing tall in the face of blank stares from their colleagues. Workplace warriors who are finding the chinks in their business’s capability and hatching epic plans to restore excellence. Mavericks who are improving their corner of the organization...even if the boss isn't on board yet!

Join us on the inside for a range of learning and knowledge sharing opportunities:

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Hosted by Janine Weightman

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